Inauguration of a new outlet or a grand opening of your new venture, we at ML caterers noted to be the best caterers in Jaipur offers finger-licking and soul satiating meals which will add the perfect spark to the opening ceremony. And this is not limited to food alone, we also cater to arranging the entire event including entertainment, music, DJs, orchestra and much more and every other detailing you may need for making your event a success.

With enticing options for cuisines, exquisite savory and dishes that would reach straight to your heart as well as backed by an excellent team of experienced chefs and waiters, we at ML Caterers guarantee to present an enthralling event with our catering services. Our eye to detail has anointed us the position of best caterers in Jaipur, thereby aiding us to build a special place in the heart of our clients.

Why Choose Us?

We at ML Caterers thrive to present an exemplary service which encapsulates all your requirement under one roof. Thus, hereby we continuously thrive to offer the best authentic cuisines from across the globe and cover every single aspect of your requirement. Below are detailed an entire excerpt of what makes us the ultimate destination for your catering:

A menu that fits your budget

At ML Caterers, we design the entire process of the event keeping in mind the image of the business. Hereby we customize our menus that are adjusted to the needs of the guests present in the ceremony. Moreover, each of the menus is prepared to fit in your budget thereby providing you delicacies that touch your heart to the core.

The proposals and budget for the catering menu for the Opening Ceremony, as well as inauguration events, are set as per the position and characteristic requirement of each business. We and our team are always present to cater to your requirements and adapt to services that fulfill your needs. For more details, you can have a look at our gallery of photos and samples of our work we have arranged until now.

Serving Options

Outdoor servings i.e. open space serving of food or indoor catering, we aid in managing both. Moreover, we aim to be the confidante for our clients and render a helping hand in managing the event, serving guests with a smile. Our staff is trained professionals who are always present to help you get your arrangements in place and offer support to guests in serving the food. From Buffet to self-serving we also provide on the table serving of food for elders and kids.

A variety of relishing options to choose from

We have a huge list of options for lunch, snacks, and dinner separately in addition to beverages, drinks, and desserts. You can select the food of your choice and we ensure to provide a complete treat to your taste buds making your ceremony the talk of the town. Moreover, no need to worry about the size of the crowd. Backed by an excellent team of professional chefs we always put forward best delicacies adhering to hygiene and health.

So, make your ceremony the talk of the town enrolling for mouthwatering food and world-class decoration.

Taking care of minute detailing

A grand opening includes a lot of arrangements. The foremost requirement is the invitation to the public, followed by the decoration of the venue. And all these are almost incomplete if there is no splendid food served at the venue. As the saying goes, the first impression is the best one and hence putting across your best foot forward so as to create an everlasting impression. And what else can aid in creating a great impression other than mouth-watering food?

We at ML Caterers are here to aid you a helping hand in meeting the expectations. Being known as proficient caterers in Jaipur who for years have earned a special place in the hearts of its clients. All through the years, we have grown on to become a popular catering service in the pink city of Rajasthan.

Serve you with a smile

As renowned catering services, we aim at being a confidante and helping hand for our clients, serving them smiles and assisting in making the events a success. Thus, we and our staff are present for helping you get set with all the arrangements, treat your guests and bring a smile on everyone’s face.

A large section of food to choose from

We have a huge selection of food to choose from ranging through a plethora of niche. No matter what kind of food your guest wishes for, we ensure to provide them all enlivening their taste buds. So, you need not worry about the limited choice of food, our team of world-class chefs has expertise in preparing fondest food quickly adhering to the hygiene and health necessities.

Whatever you want, no matter what the cuisine is, from snacks to lunch, drinks to beverages and deserts we have got a large range to offer at your platter. So, pick wisely and do not worry about the quantity. Whether a small crowd of 50 to that of 10000 and more we will render the best of services adhering to the needs of every guest. Put the load on our shoulders and we ensure to provide you complete professional service which won't leave any room for complaints or disappointment.


Based on the grand ceremony, we offer decoration services in tandem to the event. Our team of experts also aids in rendering your ideas, assisting you through the ideation process and converting it into reality. Right from arrangements of additional props, entertainment needs, and food, our event managers aid assistance at every step.

Affordable prices

ML Caterers understands the need of the hour. Thus, we deem to offer the best services, provide sumptuous mouth-watering cuisines at affordable prices without compromising on the quality. So, go the professional way, treat your guests with class and leave them awed. Choose ML Caterers and let your Opening Ceremony be the talk of the town.