Parties are pretty much the happening thing everywhere. People like to meet and greet, exchange pleasantries and spend a good gala time with close ones. Get Together Party is a fair occasion for meeting new people, getting acquainted and building connections. And the one element that is a constant on all occasions, whether meetings, events, or get-togethers is food. It sieves people together and completes any occasion. And what is a special social gathering without good food, entertainment, and drinks?

Celebrating social gatherings have gone through a splendid evolution. It has become more theme centric, with special catering and entertainment making it one big pompous occasion. However, arranging for a gathering is not an easy cakewalk. It requires a lot of planning, coordination, and execution. Every occasion whether it is a social gathering, occasion or functions are incomplete without food. We at ML Caterers are premium catering services in Jaipur who offer exotic food catering for corporate events, birthdays, social gatherings, weddings, outdoor services as well as get together party. Thus, we here at ML Caterers bring you to our prolific service that includes the complete arrangement of parties and get-togethers making your task hassle-free.

How do we work?

We work closely with our team of eminent chefs who hold years of experience in the field. Customers are presented with a wonderful list of amazing cuisines from different regions of the world. Whether you are a Chinese lover, fond of authentic Indian food or oriental, we offer a wide range of choices blend with the exotic flavors.

We shoulder your requirements

As mentioned before organizing a function or an event is not as easy as its contemplated. It requires a lot of planning, in addition to checking whether all the requirements are met as per your needs. To make your task less tenacious, we at ML Caterers are always at your service. Our expert team managers and event organizers ensure all you are able to spend time with family and friends by leaving all the load on our shoulders.

What are the services included in social gathering parties?

Our services aren’t limited to arranging food, we take up the entire responsibility of the party right from specialized food, decorations, tables, chairs, drinks, and entertainment too. Some of the services offered include:

  • The arrangement of cake – We have a great collection of customized cakes that fit perfect for every occasion. So, no matter what the event whether birthday get-togethers, kitty party or an event social gathering, we will have cakes arranged in all designs and sizes custom made.
  • Special food for special occasions – We offer a diversified menu comprising of a myriad of dishes whether traditional food or continental. From starters to the main course, our team of eminent chefs ensures to offer you the best service.
  • Entertainment events – Get-togethers are nothing without a pinch of entertainment and this is what we exactly deem to offer our guests. Our expert team of event managers ensures the get together is no less than a spectacular and splendid one which is a perfect blend of activities, entertainment, games and lots of dance.
  • We arrange for music, dance, games and much more based on the choice of the clients.
  • Best quality food at affordable prices – So, if you are worried about the price element then brace yourself for the best services at affordable prices. ML caterers at Jaipur is your destination wherein you will receive splendid service, mouth-watering cuisines, a variety of delicious food and all of these at affordable prices without pinching your pockets.

If this is not enough, ML Caterers also offer the below mentioned Get Together Party provisions. These include:

  • Outdoor Get-togethers
  • Venue Decoration
  • Ideation of concepts and theme
  • Site selection for get-togethers
  • Customized food preferences
  • Plating and arrangements and much more.

All we wish is to be your companion in your joy and add the spark of fun in all the events with our prolific services.

Customized Menus

Our crux is to present to our customer ultimate satisfaction. Herein, you are free to pick your choice from 500+ dishes and delicacies. This includes starters, lunch, meal, snacks, and dinner as well. Moreover, in case you find yourself stuck we also offer assistance in the planning and selection of the menu. Our flexibility of customizing the menu as per customer preference and easy orders make us one of the best catering services in Jaipur.

Get finger-licking cuisines now anywhere, anytime

We always deem to provide our customers with the best cuisine. Thus, we work to keep ourselves updated about the latest trends and bring the best delicacies to the platter. We deliver food at every possible location in the pink city whether it is home, restaurant, private halls, etc. All you are required is to let us know where you want it to be delivered.

Make your entire event a success

Well, our services don’t just limit to providing the best food, we go a step ahead and present to our customers and their guests a platform to get their entire event organized under one roof. We also take the responsibility of arranging for entertainment and venue decoration for you get together party. Space, location, and the number of crowd size is no bar for us. We solely believe in presenting the ultimate comfort and satisfaction to our clients both in the aspects of exotic cuisines as well as entertainment.

Even though food plays an important role in each of our lives, however, the likings are bound to differ from person to person. Our chef is well experienced in presenting food which meets the dietary demand of our customers and guests. We have professional chefs who are experts in cooking veg, non-veg as well as vegan food in addition to continental, and oriental.

Setting up the decorations for you

For you get together party whether it is lunch, dinner or snacks, we at ML Caterers are present to take care of the complete arrangement. You are free to choose how you want the food to be presented whether in buffet style or live cooking. Additionally, we also provide our staff who help in the serving of food. You can check out the event catalog in the gallery to gain an overview of our services.

So, contact us now and book your orders and let your party turn into the talk of the town with amazing soul satiating cuisines with the best catering services in Jaipur.