Business people and corporates know the importance of organizing Corporate Events very well. If you are preparing for a corporate event of any kind, the success and failure of the event could depend on the type of catering you provide. There are hundreds of corporate event caterers in India and huge variety of services offered by them. The first time that you will be looking to hire a Corporate Events Caterers you can feel a little overwhelmed by the process of finding the best one at the best price. Before talking to a corporate catering company you should set out a budget within which you hire a caterer. When you note it down to a few companies, call them and get an estimate.

It is very important that you should notice when it comes to all of the details, especially if your event will include prospective clients. One of the most important things that a business can grow up and driven by making a good impression on its most valued clients. If the quality of the food and service associated with an event is compromised then it badly affects the company reputation. On the other hand, a corporate event with excellent food and beverages that everyone enjoys are truly appreciated. Professional Catering service is a way to save your valuable time and efforts.

The celebration of any corporate event entails a number of things- the theme, the purpose and the general objective of the event. Successful corporate events do not occur by chances or coincidences. It takes a lot of planning and effort to make any event memorable, whether it is a seminar, a conference or an employee get together. Planning an event is time -consuming and sometimes, frustrating too. To ensure everything is carried out meticulously and effortlessly, it is necessary that you outsource this responsibility to a professional corporate event catering company. Big corporate companies have huge budgets to spend on entertainment and serving their clients

The ability to handle the surprises is the sign of a good corporate catering company. Companies need to know what their guests prefer in terms of food choices. It depends on the type of corporate gathering, the food menu requires careful planning and attention. Regardless of your company size, choose a caterer that serves delicious food perfect for both local and foreign guests. It should be noted down that corporate meetings are different from personal social gatherings. It is a perfect venue for companies to impress the most valuable clients. The party guests should enjoy the party from start to end.

In addition to great food, the party venue should also look perfect. If the venue is in a large hall, make sure that guests have enough space to go around and chat with other guests. The music should not be too loud and the lights should not be very sparkling. The table and chairs should be comfortable for every person. The overall presentation also needs important consideration.

With early planning, you will be able to organize a successful corporate event. You really won’t have to worry about corporate catering if you choose the right catering company.

The country is booming economically and with this has risen the corporate sector both nationally and internationally. There has been a big paradigm shift with corporations and businesses spreading throughout the country. As we all know, the corporate sector is characterized by huge parties, meetings, and events. However, amidst all the galore and business talks one thing that plays a prominent or vital role is food. These add to the glimmer and sheen to the events. Moreover, as the saying goes, food is the way to the heart of an individual, presenting good food to the clients and the audience can leave an everlasting impact, thereby making things amicable.

We are popular caterers in Jaipur who specialize in offering corporate event catering for companies and organizations in a small and bigger scale. We believe in presenting to our client exemplary food that is prepared by professional chefs. We ensure to take full care to provide meals and cuisines which are not only tasty but also aids in maintaining the health of the employees and clients. Thus, we offer nutrition-rich and well-balanced, hygienic food that’s sumptuous and soulfully satisfying.

Why Choose Us?

Professionals with expert knowledge

We at ML Caterers are renowned caterers in Jaipur. Our team comprises of professional chefs who are experienced in presenting a range of recipes not only Indian but also includes Oriental, Continental, etc. Hereby, we ensure the meals are delicious to taste as well as are not mundane. Whether you are looking for breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner, our chefs would cater accordingly for your event.

Size no bar

Whether it is to serve a small crowd of 10 people or a bigger corporate event comprising of more than 100, there is no bar. With the help of professionals and managers, we at ML Caterers assure you to manage your clients and the entire event making it a success.

Customized services

We are known for our corporate event catering in the pink city, offering customized menus for varied corporate events. These include board meetings, round table conferences, official press conferences, executive lunches presenting meals/ breakfast/ snacks prepared in tandem to the preference of attendees. Additionally, we also cater to presenting special meals for festive functions like New Year, Annual Day, Founder’s Day, etc.

We understand your taste buds

Our menus are decided in a detailed manner after discussing it with our team. Only after understanding each one’s taste and dietary preferences do we proceed further. Our very crux throughout remains in presenting the best food which is healthy, nutritious and offers peace to the heart.

Eating Options

Our chefs are opportune to select from a wide range of dining options. This includes buffet catering which is further divided into individual meals, live counters, diet centric as well as personal serving to employees.

We thrive to bring in an experience filled with grace, cutlery creativeness assembled to make the event a success. We incorporate our cutlery skills customized to the no of employees, requirement and meal format. Contact us today to order a satiating dish for your corporate events and get to the heart of your clients.