All That You Need To Know About North Indian Cuisines

When you move from South to North India, from Kanyakumari to Kashmir, you will actually experience different religions, different cultures, and also different varieties of cuisines. In the different parts of the country there are a variety of cuisines from the North Indian cuisines like Khaman dhokla, Chole Bhature, Rogan Josh, Stuffed Bati, Chicken Biryani, Aloo Samosa, Butter Chicken, Dahi Bhalla, samosa to the south Indian cuisines like Dosa or Idli. These are some of the varieties of cuisines that you can taste; however there are still a lot of varieties present in India.

The North Indian food is said to be more flavorful and a lot on more spicy side of the spectrum rather than other cuisine varieties in the country. North Indian food is usually considered to be as ?The? Indian food. The north Indian curries are actually the ones you can find outside the country ? the western countries. In North India, you can actually find every food variety in almost every price range ? from high end restaurants to also street stalls. Usually the common cooking method in the North Indian Recipes deep fry, roasting, grilling & sometime the slow simmer for certain curries. Here are some of our well known North Indian Cuisines ?

Chole Bhature ?

It has to be one of the most popular and sought after North Indian cuisines, actually Indian. It has a spicy edge to it and the curry of chola is quite tasty. The chole is basically bangalgram with curry and bhatures are said to be a form of chapattis. Our food is considered to be one of the party and people favorites and can be found in almost every party.

Rogan Josh ?

Maybe the name of this particular lamb stew might sound searing yet as the axiom says, its bark is more awful than its nibble. The red shade of rogan josh originates from the Kashmiri dry red chilies used to set it up. There are numerous variants of this dish.

Aloo Samosa ?

It is one of the North Indian Cuisine - snacks - that can be the perfect companion for your evening tea. It is a fried snack which is stuffed from a mixture of peas and potato.

Litti Chokha -

Litti Chokha is a delicacy from the territory of Bihar which is made with stuffed entire wheat mixture balls with cooked chana dal along with flavors inside. These stuffed balls are known as Litties and are generally broiled over charcoal, however can likewise be prepared. Litties are presented with Chokha. Chokha is a plunge arranged with pounding potato, tomato or eggplant with flavors, however at my home it was constantly presented with Dal Tadka.

Rajma Chawal -

What is superior to a steaming plate of Rajma Chawal when you are in critical need of some solace nourishment? The iron and protein-rich Rajma or red kidney beans went with steamed rice or any Indian bread make for a healthy supper for the whole family. The Rajma, doused medium-term, is moderate cooked in stewing sauce with the goal that the beans absorb the aggregation of masalas.

These are some of our North Indian Recipes that are actually quite flavorful, but then again these are some of the many variety offered in the north Indian cuisines.