When Choosing a Reception Venue, Ask These Catering Questions

On the occasion of a wedding, when you are searching wedding reception venue, catering may not be at the forefront of your mind. However, if you want your reception catering to be everything you’ve dreamed about, you need to check out a few key details.

Even though wedding reception caterers can work around almost any conditions or circumstances, you can make it easier on everyone if you are sure that your venue provides few critical features. Here are a few questions you might need to ask before finalizing your wedding caterer:

Will Your Caterer Have a place to Set Up and Stage?

Most catering companies need an appropriate space for stage and set up. The size of the space will vary depending on your menu and the number of guests you are inviting. In the mean time, if they need to hold food hot or cold but no staging area is available, the catering company may have to transport their own warming ovens or even bring a refrigerated truck.

Does the Venue Have Water Usable for Catering Purposes?

Accordingly, your reception caterer will need water for a variety of purposes, but especially for hand washing. If hot and cold running water is not available at a venue you’re considering, your caterer will have to bring the appropriate temperature-controlled storage pots to ensure safety and meet health code requirements.

Is Power Available for Your Caterer to Use?

Much like water, your catering company will eventually need power to ensure that your food is kept at the proper temperature till the time to serve your guests. If you choose a venue that does not have a nearby power supply, you’ll have to check these out with the caterer about the possibility of using generators or other power sources.

Does the Reception Venue Allow for Disposal of Catering Materials?

Not every venue allows you to use their dumpsters or cans after cleanup. If your caterer must pack out the trash, this could affect their logistics and potentially the price of your food.

Are You Allowed to Use Your Own Reception Catering Company?

Some venues have their own catering division or have an exclusive agreement with a local reception caterer. In that case, they may not allow you to use your own caterer. In other cases, they will let you do your own food but you must pay them an extra fee to do so.

This is an important consideration, especially if you have a catering company already selected.

Do You Have Access to Tables for Catering Purposes?

Some wedding reception venues allow you to use the tables, chairs, etc. that they provided you. Many venues, however, do not have these facilities available for your use, even for a fee. In that case, you may need to rent your equipment or, if you communicate with the catering company, they may be able to provide a solution.

To be safe, consider asking your caterer to accompany you to your top two or three venues to see the space for themselves. Although this may not be necessary – as most local caterers have seen and worked every conceivable wedding reception venue – it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

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