Things You Should Ask When Hiring a Catering Company

Looking to plan a wedding? Or, want to host the birthday of your beloved? No matter what the event or occasion, none of them can be deemed complete without superior quality catering services. There is no denying the fact that hiring one of the best caterers in Jaipur can be fun. However, it can be a stressful affair at the same time. How? You know that there will be a lot of guests and not so much money to shell out.

However, performing a research and asking all the relevant questions as listed below, you can make sure that your guests will have a great time at your event.

1. Can I get the date availability of my event?

Well, this should be the first question you should ask a reputable catering company. The availability of the date of your event is very important. If they say that they are available, it will be a good idea to check whether or not they will be dealing with other events on the same day as yours. Ensure that they prepare the food in the most hygienic surroundings.

  1. Who am I meeting with?

One of the most crucial questions when hiring one of the professional wedding caterers in Jaipur is the person you are going to meet. “Are you meeting with the company’s owner? A manager? Or, somebody in the sales department?” All of these questions can help you make a feasible decision when it comes to working with a professional catering company.

2. Are there any other services that you offer?

There are some catering companies that willing to offer extra services like making desserts while some of them offer licensed bar services. Some of these companies even provide a venue on rent to the people so that they can rehearse for the dinner, bridal shower or bachelorette party. It’s important that you ask the company what other services they offer with the package you’re likely to take.

3. Can I see some testimonials?

Maybe someone in your circle recommended the catering company like ML Caterers to you. And if they really have, make sure you ask for some references from them. Have they catered to the diverse needs of corporate clients who can bear witness to their food’s quality? Are you allowed to speak with these clients?

Besides, you should ask the catering company if they have experience in handling events like yours. The best caterers in Jaipur are the ones that have the necessary experience in dealing with every type of event.

4. Where do you source your ingredients?

Needless to say, you will want to make sure that your guests receive top-quality food. So, it becomes important that you look beyond the catering service you are likely to use i.e. the supply chain. Is the catering company relying on local suppliers, organic or seasonal produce? Can it be trusted or the company is only interested in reducing costs by using inferior quality food items from unwanted sources where rules and regulations are not so strict?

Professional Wedding Caterers In Jaipur will be able to answer every question you have in mind. So, make sure you don’t hesitate at all when it comes to clarifying your doubts. Make sure you are clear about what you want to achieve through the catering company’s efforts.

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