Outdoor Wedding Reception Food Ideas For Your Guests

Weddings and politics are two things that are at a constant high in India. Thus, caterers love being in service here. They know that all round the year, some wedding or family function has to come up. ML Caterers is one of the top wedding caterers in Jaipur. In fact, not only weddings, but also birthday party catering is a top field of expertise and excellence of ML Caterers. Working all the time with only one motto of hundred percent customer satisfaction, ML Caterers is recognised as the best catering services in Jaipur. They surely value client satisfaction more than any amount of monetary gain and this is absolutely crystal clear in their services.

  • Outdoor grills: Well, assuming that most weddings take place when the weather outside is slightly chilly or unlike the normal weather, a little cool, this is one of the top things to keep at your wedding reception. the biggest advantage of having an outdoor wedding reception is the fact that you can make arrangements for live grilling sessions. This means that all guests can see while their favourite paneer or kebab is being grilled and served to them piping hot with mint chutney on the go. Well, may be you do not know already but ML Caterers is also famous across the state for not only supplying amazing food items but also ensuring that your decor and items served as in sync. Yes, you read that right! They ensure that you have the best wedding reception in the city, no matter what time of the year it is.
  • Chaats: India is traditionally all about spices. What’s the fun at a reception if it is all influenced by the West and has no touch of our culture. ML Caterers knows exactly what needs to be done to make the biggest day of your life, also your best one. They provide several types of chaats that can be read in detail on their one and only official website. It is like a synchronised harmony between the East and the West. You are bound to get a local feel and love of every street where you grew up enjoying the chaats and other offerings.
  • Macaroons: Well, a wedding cake is a must at every wedding reception. In fact, the wedding cake industry is also at a boom stage where fancy designs and tiered cakes have replaced the traditional cakes which used to either plain chocolate or mixed fruit. Nowadays, the cakes seem to be getting fancier and bigger. It is like an unsaid competition that exists. But, did you know that instead of keeping only a cake, you can also keep macaroons. Yes, that’s a great twist to the cakes that we see at every wedding reception. The macaroons are classic and elegant. Also, the different colours make it more appealing for everyone to pick their favourite.
  • Drinks: By this, I do not mean alcohol. I am simply referring to beverages. This is a must at every wedding reception. Drinks actually must complement your food items. Thus, this too must be left on the caterer to decide. The decor, platter and drinks must also be like a united affair. If they all seem to different from one another, it must actually totally ruin all that you’ve thought of. In case the wedding reception is during winter, kesar and badam milk is must while if it is in summer, the great tropical coolers should definitely be included in the menu. But you know what? You will have to worry about nothing if you leave the job totally on ML Caterers. They are know for the services that they have been providing for several years now. What makes it totally reliable is the fact that they understand you and your exact requirements. Since they value your happiness the most, they are able to empathise with you and look at the world through your eyes. They are not the best event catering services in Jaipur without any reason.
  • Popcorn and french fry cones: I am absolutely sure that you do not wish your guests to be bored. Thus, what is the best thing to keep them busy till the function begins? The answer is food. Actually, munchies to be precise. Thus, popcorn and french fries are great tit bits to munch on. To make it unique, you may keep several flavours of popcorn and different types of french fries with different sauces to be used as toppings. That is sure to help you through. Also, to keep it easy and clean, small cones can be used.

Thus, ML Caterers has more of such cool ideas and you too can make customisations.


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