ML Caterers : A complete delight for your life events

Catering is not just about whipping up a sumptuous array of delectable food, but it also encompasses providing a wholesome experience for the client in question. The client is bound to remember the meticulous planning, hassle-free organisation and perfect execution of her special event along with the mouth- watering food of course – and, at ML Caterers, this is exactly what we aim for. Our world-class service, backed by a formidable team of professional chefs and trained waiters never compromises on quality, giving you value for your money.

But we do not expect you to believe us just by our own account of how we run things. Today’s post is dedicated to an authentic testimonial by a super-impressed customer who could not stop raving about us after what happened on her D-Day and how we took care of the turn of events. This is an account of Mrs. Sheena Saraf who recently got married at a renowned banquet in Jaipur where we catered to guest list that ran into 500s.

“Hi. This is Sheena Saraf. Everybody knows, your wedding happens to be one of the most memorable days of your life and nobody likes to keep any planning pertaining to such an important event for the last minute. Likewise, everything for my wedding was set from a month beforehand. The decorators, caterers, musicians and the works. But my worst nightmare came true when my family had a fallout with the booked caterer and four days before the wedding, we were left caterer-less. That is when ML Caterers came to our rescue. I had come to know of them from my best friend. They had catered for her parents’ 25th marriage anniversary and I had been blown away by the spread they had put up on offer. I could not believe my luck when they agreed to cater at such short but my plight as a bride must have been too evident. I could not have been more grateful. With help from their best experts, we decided upon an amazing menu and for a moment I thought there could be no more hiccups in the process further. But destiny was lying in wait to prove me wrong. On the wedding night, one of the cooking ovens provided by the venue mal functioned at a peak time when hundreds of guests were about to start dinner. The crisis meant that the guests would have to be served cold food instead of a hot meal. And that was simply unacceptable. But ML Caterers rose to occasion in the blink of an eye. Extra ovens were arranged, top-quality food was dealt out and the function went on with almost no apparent glitch. But the biggest probable chaos was yet to descend on us. In the middle of the ceremony we realised that we miscalculated the number of invitees and the list was to go up by another 50-60 people. On a day like this, when the bride’s family is already on its toes, news like this could be devastating. The honour of the family is on the line. But, yet again, ML Caterers saved the day like no other. They graciously accepted the situation, gave us their full, unhindered support without any extortion motives and made sure that every single guest was fed to their heart’s content. They waved their magic ladle and ensured that we were saved from a hapless situation. They made sure that the most important day of a bride’s life was not marred by any external on goings, come what may. All we remembered from that day were the happy laughter and delighted smiles thanks to ML Caterers.”

We, at ML Caterers, were equally delighted to receive such a feedback from our esteemed customer. When we take up on a commitment, we make sure that the client’s dream is our dream, the client’s trouble is our trouble and that at the end of the day, goodwill prevails on all side.

It is our promise that once you collaborate with us, we shall not give a single reason to disappoint you.

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