Choosing the right cocktail and mocktails for any occasion

Cocktails and mocktails according to the theme of the event and the season are very important. Read ahead to find how to choose the right cocktail and mocktails for any occasion. I am sure that all of you have been on that side of the fence when you go to occasions just to check out what’s on the menu. Though we do not admit it openly, we have all done that at some point of time and are not even guilty about it. After all, why should we be guilty? Isn’t food just what we all live for?

Totally! Being a foodie myself, I also think of it all day and night. But, when we talk of food, we don’t just mean the edible items on the platter. We also refer to the drinks that are served. Drinks are a must at every occasion. They kind of lighten the mood and set in just the right spirit. Drinks at your occasion may be either alcoholic or non-alcoholic.

Now, how to determine which of the either two types should you actually keep at your event.

1. Age group: This is the first factor to be considered before you decide the right cocktail or mocktail. Obviously, you cannot serve alcoholic drinks to kids. You should never support underage drinking. That may lead to accidents. Thus, the children can be given something refreshing like a watermelon slush, a strawberry lemonade, non-alcoholic sangria or pineapple and orange mocktail. On the other hand, the elders who are drinkers can opt for martini, negroni, manhattan or sangria.

2. Season: Now, you must know the season when your event is being held. Often this is ignored, but it plays a major and vital role. While the cocktails for summer include grapefruit ranch water, sweet tea sangria and sweet heat arnold palmer, the cocktails for the winter include toby’s toddy, new york sour and winter margrita.

3. Theme: The theme of your event is another very key area that shouldn’t be ignored. It is usually preferred that the colour of the drinks is either in sync with that of the decor or totally a contrasting one to stand out from the rest of the place. Either way, they look classy and stunning.

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