Catering for you and your loved ones

Functions are incomplete without a plate of delicious food. However, you cannot just work yourself out for hours to put something in the plate for thousands of visitors. So, what solution do we have?! Well, it is indeed Twenty First century, almost all problems have a definite and vulnerable solution. That being said, if you are having difficulty to work hours to cook and put something for your visitors, Fear Not! Catering has got your back.

When we were like 10 or 11, the word Physics was something new and we got to know more about it by studying (obviously). Likewise, you might get a bit ambiguous as to why a person should opt catering. Tons of questions will circle around your mind. "Do they make something worth paying?", "What cuisine should I opt?" etc... If you are one among those, this article, Catering by ML caterers will definitely help you out. Let us begin, shall we?

How to approach a Catering service?

This question is frequently asked by many as most of the people are skeptical about the approach and deals. But, for me, when I approached M.L Caterers for the first time, I was given a warm reception and friendly suggestions towards selecting the best deal. So, in short, while approaching a seller, always use your soft tone and make sure to ask everything openly without twisting the question. The seller likes questions asked directly to them.

Vegetarian or Non-Vegetarian?

Veganism is a growing trend as of now. Many people opt for Vegetarian food these days hence the demand for Vegetarian cuisines are quite high. But on the other hand, if you are one among those who like a fair amount of quality veggies to go with their spicy Chicken or Meat, you can always opt for a cross cuisine which contains a little amount of both Veg and Non-Veg. Again, ask the vendor about the options and finalize the dishes a week before your function (don’t just wait for the very last minute).

What to choose and What Not to choose?

Talking about options, you usually get a lot of options from your vendor. ML Caterers gave me a hundred of options along with another hundreds of combinations, which made me easy to finalize as to what I should choose. So, in short, if you are new to Catering always ask the vendor what all combinations do they have. You can save some cash if you opt for the combos.


Rates are a bit higher for best caterers and I encourage you to go with them instead of asking a newer catering service who provide the same dishes for half price. The reason being the Trustworthiness. If you go for a top catering service like ML Caterers themselves, you get to see a lot of testimonials praising their service. Moreover, such companies give you the best options and wide varieties of Combinations to choose which lacks in a fairly new catering service. If you are broke and decided to go with the latter, always taste their food before finalizing the options.

I made this article after being collaborated with a lot of Catering services in Jaipur in the past. I just wanted to make sure that you won't get through the same problems faced by me. So, I'm concluding the article by saying this, always opt for a good and recognizable catering service. Their food will be definitely worth every single penny that you spent. I made this decision after collaborating with ML Caterers who provided me the best cuisines for my function. So, remember, Think twice before you finalize a Caterer.


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