Birthday Party Menu Ideas That Won’t Blow The Budget

This is only a myth that birthday parties are meant only for the little ones. They can actually be organised for any person at any age. All one needs is an opportunity to celebrate, meet near and dear ones who actually matter and make merry. After all, life is short and these little moments are what truly matter in the long run. However, it cannot be overlooked that these get togethers often cost a lot. Thus, you must know of ML Caterers as the best outdoor caterers in Jaipur.

ML Caterers are not only wedding caterers in Jaipur but also help to organise birthday parties with theme based catering services.

  • Hot dogs: These are really simple to make and very cost effective. Do you know what is the best part of hot dogs? Well, the answer is that everyone loves them. The name is also fancy and appeals to children as well as adults. It can be made with a twist as well. Also, if your aim is to engage the guests and make them feel like the focus of all attention, then you can come up with live counters where the guests need to pick their hot dog and add mayo or ketchup according to their personal taste and preference. This is also great for kids as it is a form of non fire cooking and makes them feel like they have shown active participation. ML Caterers is known to work for customer satisfaction and include customisations as per the needs of the clients.
  • Ice-creams: Every one loves ice cream. There cannot be any argument regarding that. Those who say they do not like it, are probably lying and you should never trust them. Coming back to the point, this is one really affordable as well as relished item for birthday menus that will not burn a hole in your pocket. You can simply arrange for tubs of two to three flavours of ice creams and keep additions such as sprinklers or other similar add on that are suitable. You also keep syrups that can be poured from the top. Now, if you’re wondering that this is too much work and you do jot have the time to spare for such elaborate planning, then ML Caterers is definitely the solution to your problem. They are are at the top caterers of Jaipur list and that’s definitely for a reason. You too can avail of their services with just a call.
  • Dry fruits: These may sound totally out of the picture and different but they are actually a very good low budget item to be included in the birthday menu. This is so because they are healthy as well as useful. What usually happens at parties is that people want something to much on. Dry fruits are thus great snacks which can come handy at this time. They serve as munchies. Also, you get a thumbs up from all guests because of the health benefits that these little nuts, raisins, cashews, walnuts and dates carry. It’s like hitting several targets with just one arrow to spare.
  • Sandwiches: They are really filling items on birthday menus. Instead of going for the same old cheese sandwiches, you can easily present an assortment of sandwiches which use jelly, peanut butter or any other filler. This will be a great twist to an item which is so common. Also, if you wish to make your sandwiches really different from other birthday parties, then you can make use of cookie cutters and see your sandwiches take a brand new shape. On the contrary, if you feel that these ideas are too common and there is nothing too fancy about them, you must get a contract with ML Caterers and see how they make your birthday party the talk of the town with unbelievable ideas and tricks.
  • Pizzas: This was the favourite of almost every I knew I as a child. Thus, every birthday party has to have pizza. What’s a party without it? Totally dull! But, the catch here is how to make it low budget so that it does not leave behind a huge impact on your pocket. Well, you can simply opt for regular bread instead of the traditional pizza base. It’ll be cheaper and seem to be more homely as well as different. Thus, get in touch with ML Caterers today through their official website or phone call and get your booking as soon as possible.

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